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Trucking & Delivery Communications


Connect Dispatch to Drivers and Drivers to Customers

Increase awareness and communication for site management, contractors, suppliers, developers and other project stakeholders

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Put a walkie-talkie on every phone in the fleet for heads up, always on communications



Know where all drivers are at all times and  initiate communications based on location

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Chat / Call

Share images, video or messages in messages or initiate an instant call based on location or route

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Instantly notify clients and other stakeholders with critical updates

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Access Control

Verify identity of drivers with specialized access rights and authorities


Integrate Alerts

Set triggers for alerts or instant conference calls when drivers get to a customer or are delayed

The Platform in Action


Connect All Drivers with Push-to-Talk on Any Mobile Phone

Miss your Nextel? 

BlueLine Grid allows any user with a mobile phone to use a phone like a land mobile radio and to speak with other users on an open channel. Channels can be set by location or preconfigured based on team and role. 


Geo-Locate Drivers

Know where all of your trucks and deliveries are located to most effectively plan routes and manage resources.  

  • Locate people and vehicles on a map
  • Run reports to calculate travel time to delivery address
  • Use location to choose talk groups
  • Set a tripwire and be notified when specific deliveries arrive at a defined location

Access Control & Notification

Control or restrict entry to and movement around depots with access only granted once identity has been checked and verified.  

  • Use BlueLine Grid for authentication of identity
  • Be notified when specific individuals are on site.
  • Pre-establish team communication based on defined project role
  • Allow employees to escalate issues quickly on site to receive faster feedback