Unified communications for tactical teams

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Designated administrators can locate employees or partners,
send secure, mass notifications, initiate 1-click conference calls
and collaborate with tactical teams via encrypted web chats.

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Use Cases

Government to Private Sector Outreach

Provide your private sector partners with alerts and situational awareness. Create a channel for rich, instantaneous intelligence and response.

Interagency Collaboration

Harness the power of every device in every employee’s pocket for enhanced situational awareness and instant, unified communications.

Corporate Security Communications

Make your security team compliant and effective, locally or globally. Replace dangerous use of consumer messaging apps with the only solution purpose-built for security teams.

First Responder Coordination

Improve your agency’s communications internally and with neighboring partners and agencies. Share information seamlessly, coordinate large and disparate teams and ensure improved situational awareness.

Our Company

BlueLine Grid improves the productivity and safety of our government and corporate clients by allowing them to locate and securely communicate with their mobile workforces and partners, anywhere and at any time.

The Company's unique identity-based platform includes encrypted mass notification, group messaging, file sharing, location tracking and one-click video and voice conferencing.

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At BlueLine Grid security is our number one priority. Every message you send is encrypted in transit, end-to-end with a different key, and at rest.

Our infrastructure is a government-level security cloud that is CJIS and NIST compliant and FedRamp certified.