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Case Studies

Learn how BlueLine Grid helps companies across a variety of industries and functions.

Use Case Examples

Each day we solve countless communication and collaboration challenges for the world's most demanding organizations.  Here are a few examples.

International Collaboration

U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Services improves communications and outcomes by leveraging BlueLine Grid for secure information sharing by and between agents, task force members and leadership in complex environments worldwide.



Deployment of BlueLine Grid reduces manual processes for the Los Angeles Police Department associated with tracking SWAT resources and also reduces time and effort for mobilization, callouts, roll call and recall.


Partner Outreach

The Boston Regional Intelligence Center (and nearly 40 other U.S. centers) keeps a pulse with Boston regional partners by using BlueLine Grid for distribution of daily briefings and time sensitive situational awareness updates.



To respond to incidents across 18,000 miles of track in the U.S., Amtrak Police relies on BlueLine Grid to facilitate collaboration between State and Local law enforcment, creating leverage for officers and special agents day-to day and during events.


Smart Buildings

When a national prison system needed to reduce technical response times, BlueLine Grid integrated our notification services directly into building management systems, facilitating work distribution at the first sign of trouble.


Non Profit Security

When the 140 Jewish Community Centers throughout North America needed help alerting members, staff and local law enforcement of threats and suspicious activity,  BlueLine Grid stepped in to provide the backbone for critical information sharing between levels of management and the community. 


Event Security & Executive Protection

This Fortune 25 sponsor of the 2016 Rio Olympics needed BlueLine Grid for precise location tracking for over 1,000 global executives at all times with the ability to connect and coordinate executives with their security teams and local hosts.



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