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Public Safety & Security

Be Situationally Aware

BlueLine Grid operates the nation's premier, trusted collaboration network for law enforcement, first responders, and coprorate security teams. We improve the productivity and safety of our government and corporate clients by allowing them to locate and securely communicate with their mobile workforces and partners, anywhere and at any time. 

The Company's platform includes encrypted mass notification, group messaging, file sharing, location tracking and one-click video and voice conferencing.  The platform can be delivered as a standalone SaaS subscription or as an add-on to Cisco Spark or via REST API through our highly efficient API gateway.

Common use cases:

  • Mobilize a SWAT team, patrol, or the entire department.  Notifications are sent via SMS, text-to-voice, email or within your own companion agency-branded App.  Responses and acknowledgements are returned to a powerful command view.
  • Discover the location of your officers, teams and initiate voice, chat or push-to-talk channels based on their location.  
  • Initiate a conference call with a team, patrol, agency, or multiple agencies from an entire region with only a few clicks.  Users' mobile and/or desk phones will ring and be prompted to join a conference call, regardless of whether they are BlueLine Grid users.
  • Get your agency off of email as well as WhatsApp and other noncompliant messenger apps with a mobile platform that allows you to manage access rights and message retention policies.

GridCommand & GridTeam App

BLG's GridCommand interface is a SaaS platform that requires no hardware or configuration.



Or Access All Features via Cisco Spark

Notify, locate and call any and all of your employees, partners, or entire supply chain...directly from Spark.

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SparkGrid Demo


Our extensive library of REST APIs allow you to communicate or query our system to request information to be sent to BlueLine Grid, updated, removed, or returned to your system. These requests can be made by either GET or POST requests, which most often return XML or JSON responses.

Through these means, our APIs allow you to interact with parts of the BLG system and integrate these areas with your internal or partner systems.


What makes BlueLine Grid necessary for your agency?

  • Limitless AccessExtend your reach to employees and partners anywhere, regardless of whether they have BLG.  With a few clicks, notify communities of a few recipients or thousands.
  • Increased Situational Awareness:  You've invested heavily in your officers and their training.  Now unleash real-time communications that allow them to be more effective and also to connect with broader communities.
  • Savings:  Consolidate  technology spend.  Remove the need for an additional mass notification system, fleet tracking solution, group chat and emergency conference calling plan. 
  • Secure. Compliant:  BLG is trusted by the world's most demanding government agencies and corporations because of the strength of our security and data management policies. 
  • Reliable:  BLG services operate from multiple availability zones, and redundant delivery channels providing 99.9% guaranteed uptime