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Mass Notification

Our emergency / mass notification services (ENS) represent a paradigm shift in emergency notification offerings.  Unlike traditional point solution solutions which only send SMS, text-to-voice and email,  BlueLine Grid allows administrators to locate employees in real-time and to initiate secure chat, conference calls or even a push-to-talk session over VOIP,  instantly connecting employees in a crisis.

Our notification services are initiated leveraging a highly available, resilient infrastructure with global reach.  Send mass notifications from a desktop browser or from our mobile application.  All features of our command module are available to mobile users.  

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Mass Notification Features

A highly differentiated approach to emergency notification services (ENS)

Send mass notifications from desktop or mobile.  Schedule delivery by local time or in the time zone of recipients.


Identify employees, partners or customers and communities by location, expertise, title or availability.


Receive proof of receipt or identify device status,  or manage manual acknowledgements and responses.


Integrate employee identities and supply chain data to ensure data remains in sync at all times.


Protect your organization.  Every message you send is encrypted in transit, at rest and end-to-end with a different key.


Our data controls allow customers to ensure that data is managed consistently with their organizational policies.

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