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Property Management Communications


Connect Staff. Notify Tenants.

Increase safety and service efficiency while reducing cost of property maintenance. 

walkie-talkie (3).png


Put a walkie-talkie on every  employee and contractor phone for heads up, always on communications



Know where your property manager and maintence team are for quick access to initiate communications based on location

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Chat / Call

Share images or video of units or damage or initiate an instant conference call based on the location or role of other users

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Instantly notify property managers or tenants with critical updates or emergency messages

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Access Control

Verify identity of workers on site, tenants or deliveries.  Set access rights and role


Integrate Alerts

Set triggers for alerts from existing security systems, by location or weather

The Platform in Action


Connect all employees with push-to-talk on any mobile phone.

Miss your Nextel? 

BlueLine Grid allows any user with a mobile phone to use a phone like a land mobile radio and to speak with other users on an open channel. Channels can be set by location or preconfigured based on team and role. 

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Geo-Locate Employees

Know where all of your property managers, staff and contractors are located to most effectively plan work and manage resources.  

  • Locate employees on the property
  • Plan security staging and response
  • Use location to choose talk groups
  • Set tripwires to be notified when employees reach defined locations

Crisis Communications

Instantly send critical alerts to tenants, staff and owners to alert of accidents, hazards, including weather, closures and access.  Provide ability for tenants to levareg the system to locate and alert their employees.