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December 31, 1970

BlueLine Grid Blog

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Re-Thinking Security Communications, Part 2: Radio

Part 1 of Re-Thinking Security Communications discussed the use of email as today's primary means of communication. While email may be one of the most...

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Re-Thinking Security Communications, Part 1: Email

In the last 15 years, technology has dramatically altered the way people communicate. Smartphones have become a critical appendage in our daily lives ...


How to Reset Your Forgotten Password

Whether you're logging in for the first time and need to set up a password or you've simply forgotten it, setting your password from the mobile app is...

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Enabling Location Services

In order to utilize the Geolocation feature that allows you to identify individuals in a specific area and initiate a call, a secure chat, or push-to-...

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How to download the BlueLine Grid App

To download GridTeam or your organization's customized application, first make sure of these important items:

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Instant Messaging with BlueLine Grid

All BlueLine Grid apps are equipped with the ability to send encrypted one-on-one or group messages (up to 25 people per group) over wifi or cellular ...

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Publishing Emergency Alerts on the Run

You're the head of security at a large organization whose offices consist of many buildings spread throughout a large campus. A dangerous, uncontained...

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BlueLine Grid + Jewish Community Centers

In the past year, Jewish Community Centers all across the country have seen an unfortunate spike in the number of security and safety threats, with se...

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Discover Users With Geolocation

Identify individuals in a specific area and initiate a call, a secure chat or push-to-talk with all members in the vicinity

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Next (Digital) Generation of Push-To-Talk

As helpful and innovative as our smartphones are, there are some features from old cell phone models that we can’t help but miss.