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instant conference calls features

Making instant conference calls using BlueLine Grid

Initiate an instant conference call with the touch of a button using BlueLine Grid's technology. Immediately connect to your contacts at a moment's no...


New Support Features

We are excited to announce some of the new support capabilities we have to offer and how they will benefit you and your organization.


BlueLine Grid Demo

John Harms demonstrates the BlueLine Grid standalone web and mobile interface from Cisco Live! EMEA in Berlin


Introducing Location-Based Communication with BlueLine Grid

POSTED ON JANUARY 25, 2017 BlueLine Grid is proud to introduce a collection of new features for 2017, including cutting edge location-based communicat...


BlueLine Grid: Enterprise-Grade Collaboration

BlueLine Grid is the mission-critical communications and logistics platform for government agencies and private security operations for a variety of r...


BlueLine Grid + Fusion Centers

Today we are going behind the scenes to take a look at Fusion Centers — a series of organizations strategically placed throughout the United States, p...

collaboration critical communication mobile workforce

Introducing The BlueLine Grid Blog

Welcome to the BlueLine Grid Blog where we will seek to paint an aggregate portrait of how users all over the world are using our products and benefit...